Photos and Description

Please take the time to read this page fully and carefully as it will help ensure a top quality caricature!



Photos and description should be e-mailed in JPEG form to
Links to help sheets are available at the end of this page.
Please ensure that your photos are of a sufficient resolution to enable an accurate drawing to be completed. Original digital camera images are best.
If you are sending several large images then it is usually a good idea to split them over a couple of e-mails.
Good Photo
Clear, good detail, nice expression, good size, in focus. (NOTE: this photo has been reduced in size for inclusion on this would be much larger as an original image)
An example of a good photo
Tips for good caricature photos:
- Make sure you use a digital camera.
- Take clear, close photos of the face. I do not need the body.
- Get a really good expression that will tie in with your caricature.
- Avoid hats, sunglasses, items covering the face, cluttered backgrounds (if possible).
- If you want to avoid any particular facial features then take appropriate action. E.g. to avoid a double chin shoot from slightly above line of sight with the eyes.
Poor Photos
Photos which are too small, side views, wearing glasses or hats, poor detail, looking away from the camera, poor expression etc are not suitable to work from. The better quality the starting image the better the final caricature will be. Remember that the photo is all I have to work from so make it a good one!
Examples of poor photos
Need More help? Try these help sheets
How to send images using Outlook
How to send images using GMail
How to send images using Hotmail / Windows Live
Selecting a good photo

When sending through a description please remember the following:
- Eye colour
- Generic background elements to be included. If you want particular hotels, cars, pets etc to be drawn then this will incur an additional fee.
- Keep your description brief and to the point.
- If including any details about particular hobbies please do not assume that I understand the technical terms, or that I know what colour strip a particular football team plays in.
Wedding caricature with the groom holding the bride in his arms. Bride should be wearing a white dress, no veil, tiara. Groom should be wearing a suit and red tie. In the background there should be hills, trees, small river.
Bride and groom both have blue eyes.
Superhero caricature with the man dressed as Superman flying through a New York city scene at night with a full moon and lots of stars. In the sky a small yellow canary floating down on a parachute. Green eyes.
Draw Irene as an Irish dancer wearing Irish dancing shoes and costume (I have attached an image). In the background a few Irish musicians (again, photo attached) and a large trophy with Irene's eyes looking at it. From stage left a giraffe's head looking in. Irene has blue eyes.

Once you have written your description read through it to see if it makes sense. Please remember that if your description is incorrect (e.g. incorrect eye colour or items not specified that you want including) then you will need to pay for reprints, postage, and artwork drawing time. So, please get it right first time.