Elisabeth Sladen aka Sarah Jane

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I have been asked by my Facebook fans to draw the late Elisabeth Sladen who played Sarah Jane in Doctor Who.

I am still in the middle of drawing this highly detailed piece.

The background will contain the TARDIS and other suitable background details.

I will post updates on this page together with images as I progress through the artwork.

The final artwork is being completed to an extremely high level of detail...right down to the texture on the clothing and fine hairs on the face.

To purchase this one-off piece of artwork please contact me.

Elisabeth Sladen - work in progress
Elisabeth Sladen - work in progress Sarah Jane
Close up of the jeans

Sarah Jane from Doctor Who

Sarah Jane Tribute Portrait
Sarah Jane Close up of the face
Sarah Jane Portrait

Work has commenced on the colouring of the face and hands.

The first stage colouring has been complated as you can see from Work in Progress 5.

There is still lots more detail to add to this portrait of Elisabeth Sladen (aka Sarah Jane from Dr Who) including the background elements which will include the TARDIS.

Approximately 8 hours have been spent on the portrait to get it to this stage with probably another 8 to go.

Once the face colouring has been completed the texturing and addition of freckles, wrinkles etc will be done.

There are still a few buckles to add to the waistcoat.