Wedding caricatures always evoke beautiful emotions of a very special day. Now you can surprise someone with a totally unique gift that will be treasured for a very long time!

These wedding caricatures have been used as invitation cards, thankyou cards, favours, gifts, and also included in my special newspaper creation for weddings (ask me!).

Remember that you can specify any theme or background for your wedding caricature.

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Wedding Caricatures

Farmers Wedding Caricature
The Farmer's Wedding

I recently was asked to create a special wedding caricature for a couple who spent a lot of time down on the farm. Specific requests included a red tractor and wellington boots (pink for the bride!).

The wedding car is a recreation of the one that the couple had on their wedding day.

You too can specify any theme or background when you order your wedding caricature. Once it is drawn you can order various print sizes or ask about my special wedding newspaper.

Order your wedding caricature today and provide a wedding gift that is much more unique than the usual toaster!

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Wedding Newspaper

A lot of couples are now asking for more unique ways to use their caricature so I am please to offer the 'wedding newspaper'.

What I do is create a full wedding newspaper page (e.g. the front page of a newspaper) and include the caricature and a full background story about how the couple met etc.

Wedding Newspaper | Cairns Wedding Newspaper