Guardians of the Galaxy

Save the Galaxy or Save the Date - the choice is yours!

Save the Galaxy or Save the Date - the choice is yours!

There is something quite special about the Sci-Fi caricatures. Anything is possible, and it often has to be as many requests are quite bizarre. However, they do make for some of the best caricatures.

This one was for a lady who wanted to be portrayed as a character from the popular sci-fi film Guardians of the Galaxy. She wanted to include the funny little Groot character too.

The client was able to supply a good quality photo to work from and hence the likeness is outstanding…despite the green coloured body and face!

One of the best ways to present the artwork is when it is framed and this one looks absolutely stunning with the black frame. No glass is required on the framed products as they are specially coated for protection. This also has the added benefits of being much safer (no glass) and reduced glare.

So, do you want a caricature of you saving the galaxy or do you want one for your save the date cards?