Engagement Caricatures


Do you know someone who recently got engaged? You should capture the moment in their lives with a truly unique artwork commission. These fully customised caricatures are all hand drawn from your photos. The likeness is exceptional and the quality simply exquisite.

Whether you want to capture the moment he (or she) got on bended knee, or when they jumped from a plane, or celebrated the moment under the sea at the Great Barrier Reef, anything is possible.

All I need is a good quality photo of each person and a description of the theme you require. I will then produce a truly stunning caricature.

The caricature featured above was for a couple who got engaged. They wanted to be featured wearing their team colours and to include small references to their jobs (notice the tools and the stethoscope?). Of course, what engagement caricature would be complete without their dog by their side looking on in amazement.

Once the engagement caricature has been drawn it could be used for Save the Date cards, invitations, or even as a sign in board at the wedding. Anything is possible. The artwork can be adapted later for any use…even the birth of the first child.

If you are interested in ordering a caricature then please contact me today or click on the button below to see prices and options.