Employee of the Month Caricatures


The Employee of the Month caricatures are a huge favourite with my corporate clients and it is easy to see why. The employee is presented with a stunning hand drawn caricature and some employees hang framed copies on their Employee of the Month walls or reception areas.

This caricature was for one of my regular clients who has been running a reward scheme, based on the Employee of the Month idea, for many years.

Each month one of their employees gets to choose which superhero they would like to be portrayed as. In this example, the winner chose Misty Knight. Congratulations to the winner and I hope you love your caricature prints (this company provides the winner with a large print and some smaller ones for friends and family).

Some of my corporate clients use the caricatures as their gallery images or “Who’s Who” walls. Some have even used them in marketing to great effect.

All that I require is a good quality photo to work from and a description of the theme required. The caricatures can be sent in digital form or, for more impact, get the framed print which is absolutely stunning.

If you would like to discuss using caricatures for your Employee of the Month scheme then please get in touch with me today at patrick@drawme.com.au.