Musical Motorbike Rider Caricature


This unique fully customised caricature was created for a client who wanted the man to be riding his motorbike along with his dog. The dog needed to be wearing sunglasses and I was asked to include additional references.

The description provided by the customer was as follows:

Rob, sat on BMW motorbike doing the 'thumbs up' with one hand and the Chihuahua (as per photo)

Rob wearing:

No helmet

Jeans (blue or black)

Motorbike boots

Blue specked dinner jacket (as per face shot photo)

Paisley cravat


Wide happy smile & twinkling eyes


His guitar (as per photo) - its got mother of pearl edging


musical notes

Colours: whilst I would like the caricature to be fun & bright, nothing too garish & not yellow or pink please.

So, as you can see from the above, the client was quite detailed in her description. I think the additional detail really added a lot of meaningful personal touches to the caricature.

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