Soccer Caricatures

Soccer caricature: dancing at Liverpool stadium

Soccer caricature: dancing at Liverpool stadium

One thing I know is that soccer across the globe is extremely popular. So too are these soccer caricatures. Requests always come in for different themes related around soccer.

From time to time I do get a request that is a little different. Like the one featured above which shows a gentleman dancing in his traditional attire. However, he wanted to be dancing in Liverpool football stadium.

Any team and any colours for your soccer caricature

Some requests for the soccer caricatures come from family and friends of the person to be drawn. They want to show the highlight of his/her life and this usually revolves around soccer.

Some opt for a clean background as shown, while others request something with a stadium feel with soccer fans cheering on.

You can find examples of different soccer caricature themes on the shop page here.

If you do not see what you want then just contact me and I will be happy to provide a fully customised caricature to meet your needs. I am always happy to chat about your requirements so please do not hesitate to contact me.

A while ago I received a request for a couple who had just got engaged. The wife wanted to get a clear message across to her husband to be. I think we all know what that message is by looking at the completed artwork.

The caricatures can be drawn as serious or as humorous as you want.

What I will say is that the expression on the face makes all the difference.

Grab a photo with a great expression and you will be so pleased you did as the resulting impact of the expression in the final caricature will make a huge difference.

The old ball and chain? Look who has the key!

The old ball and chain? Look who has the key!

Soccer Coach of the Year

Some clients are looking for a gift for their soccer coach. Some want to simply say ‘thank you’ for a being a super coach while others want to mark a special occasion such as a cup win or league victory.

Perhaps you just want to include the coach or maybe you would like to include the whole team. Anything is possible.

Looking for a different sport?

No problem.

I have produced caricatures for most sports so if you have an idea then it can be drawn.



If you know what you want and you are ready to order then just select the number of faces to be drawn and the size and finish you require. I look forward to completing your caricature for you.

Soccer Caricatures
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These are fully customised hand drawn soccer caricatures. Any team and any colour you want. They make a great gift for the soccer mad sports fan in your home or office. Great as gifts for soccer coaches too. All I need is a photo to work from and a description of the theme required.

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