Retirement Caricatures


Looking for a unique gift for someone who is retiring? A retirement caricature is the perfect way to capture all the memories of their time with your company.

When someone is retiring everyone starts to reminisce about their time at the company. There are usually plenty of funny moments such as the things they have done, things they have said etc. It is also nice to think about the projects they have been involved in or how things have changed over the years.

I distinctly recall the day that the client ordered the retirement caricature featured above. She wanted something to signify his happy-go-lucky approach to life. What better way than to show him gambling all of his retirement fund away at the casino in Las Vegas. I knew that having a photo of him with a great expression would really make an impact in the final caricature, and the customer managed to oblige. The extra effort taken to capture the perfect moment when taking the photo really made a huge difference.

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When you place your order for a caricature you can specify anything you want to be included. Those special memories can be captured in a unique piece of artwork that will hang for generations to come.

Each caricature commission is hand drawn with meticulous attention to detail. Once approved, the artwork can be printed onto an exhibition quality print, canvas, or framed to ensure it is protected and looks its best.

Retirement Caricature
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Your fully customised hand drawn retirement caricature will be professionally printed onto high-grade paper and sent via Express Delivery. You can specify any theme you would like. Just let me know when you place your order. Each caricature is hand drawn to your requirements.

If you require groups of 6 or more then please contact me.

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If you have a unique request then that is not a problem. Anything can be drawn. Believe me, I have had some strange requests over the years so nothing surprises me any more.

Once you have decided on a general theme then start to think about the things you would like to include in the caricature commission. The more items you have then the more personal the artwork becomes.

All I need is a description of what you require and a good quality photo of the person to be drawn.

Place your order today or feel free to contact me to discuss your ideas. I am always happy to offer advice about what will and will not work.