Unique 21st Birthday Gift

Are you looking for a truly unique 21st birthday gift? Something that will impress and be treasured for many years? Then look no further as one of these stunning caricatures will surprise and amaze.

21st Birthday Gift Ideas

21st Birthday Caricatures

21st Birthday Caricatures

If you have been searching the web for that idea 21st birthday gift then I know how you feel. Trawling through sites looking for something that is uniquely different can be time consuming and then there is no guarantee you will find anything. That is until now. These unique hand drawn caricatures have been delighting birthday recipients for many years and will continue to do so for a very long time.

We are only 21 once and it is a special time that should be celebrated and remembered. The artwork will capture a unique moment in time and recognise any aspect of the life of the person receiving it.

Perhaps you want a design as simple as the Minnie Mouse style example as shown above, or perhaps you require something with a lot more detail. Anything is possible.

21st Birthday Gift for Him

If you are looking for something for the young man in your life then, again, absolutely anything can be drawn. Each hand drawn caricature is produced to your exact specifications in terms of level of detail. Just provide a description of what you need and I will take care of the rest.

The description can be as detailed you like. For example, the client for the one featured below sent this description:

Tom is my grandson and this is a present for his 21st birthday which is on 31 January.

He is at Southampton university reading Marine Biology and lives in a shared house.

Likes cooking and listening to music

Keen supporter of Southampton football team. (The Saints)

Loves rum, considers himself something of a connoisseur on it

Works out a lot, especially with weights

He is into designer labels and has his own website buying and selling clothing

Regularly receives food parcels from his mum and cookies from Grandma!

Has recently returned from two months in Indonesia, (so maybe a bright Hawaiian style shirt hanging in the background, not wearing one!)

Maybe a slightly wilted 'pot' plant in the picture

Lots of detail to truly personalise the artwork

Lots of detail to truly personalise the artwork

21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Daughter in Australia

Sometimes requests come in for daughters who may be travelling overseas or even in the midst of planning a trip to Europe as in this example.

The client sent in the following description:

Lucy's favourite colour is "aqua blue" - if that can be included somehow (in her clothes, bedding, whatever)?

Some ideas of things to include:-

The number ’21’ somewhere (for her birthday)Icicles (maybe a hanging chain of different shaped icicles, instead of the lights)?

She is currently studying teaching at Charles Sturt University (CSU) in Bathurst and is an advocate of clean eating - so maybe a stack of books somewhere with writing on the spine - such as ‘Teaching 101’, ‘WFPB Cookbook’, ‘Lonely Planet Travel Book’?

She is crazy about travel, so an Australian passport on the floor?

A reference to London (where she spent her gap year) - a button badge on her chest? sticker on laptop? collage/poster on wall?

She loves music and plays the piano - so maybe some sheet music on the floor or a swirl of music notes somewhere?

Favourite movie DVDs on the floor, eg. Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean?
Hot air ballon sticker on mirror (to represent her home town of Canowindra)? Or a sheep somewhere (to represent the family farm)?

She has also had two dogs in her life - a Dalmatian and a yellow Labrador - maybe an abstract/cartoon image of each, rather than from actual photos?

Her eyes are “greenish-blue”.

Here is the completed 21st Birthday Caricature for Lucy:

A 21st Birthday Gift Idea for someone in Australia

A 21st Birthday Gift Idea for someone in Australia

Ordering Your Unique 21st Birthday Caricature

The process for ordering is really simple. Just send me a photo and description and choose what size and finish you would like. I am always happy to discuss ideas so please feel free to contact me any time.

Once I have received your order I will check all the details and photos to ensure that I will be able to produce something to my high standards. If there are any issues I will always contact you before I start the process.

Getting a good photo is key to a great caricature. If you are not sure then just send through what you have and I will soon let you know if they are suitable.

Once the artwork has been drawn you will be send a proof for approval prior to printing.

The artwork can be finished to any size you require as a print, framed print, canvas, or even a digital copy.

So, avoid the rush, crowds, parking, travelling, and searching for hours down at your local shopping centre. Sit back and relax knowing you have ordered a caricature that will be a highlight of the day.

That’s perfect…thank you!

He’s going to love it.